Saturday, July 14, 2012

Welcome to the Hitchhikers Guide to Gluten Free.

Putting pixel to blog is something I've done for a while, I've blogged since 2006 on all things dogs, dog training, canine nutrition, books (and book reviews - surprisingly not dog related) and general commentary on whatever has come to mind ( This blog is a bit different - focusing partially on personal growth - but also how to eat really well while going 'gluten free'.

After years of cranky constitution, stomach aches and IBS symptoms I decided enough was enough. I feed my dogs naturally - raw meat and bones combined with gently cooked vegetables and very little grains. My dogs have long ate mostly according to Chinese medicine (cool and cooling fruits, vegetables and proteins). With all of the thought and effort I put into my dogs' diets it was time I took better care of myself nutritionally. so in January 2012 I gave up gluten  and all commercially processed foods (though not my yogurt and cheese). I cleaned out my pantry from top to bottom and I started shopping like a European - frequent trips to the grocery store for a few items at a time and cooking something for dinner every night - from scratch.

This summer I've embraced the CSA concept - excitedly ordering my weekly provisions every Sunday night. Staples like lettuce and carrots - but some new-to-me vegetables like kohlrabi, kale, beet greens and swiss chard! Experimentation keeps the chore of cooking every night from becoming boring. For the most part I am to make one-pot meals, my go to cookware is a deep non-stick ceramic skillet - part traditional frying pan and part wok. It's helped me prepare gallons of chili to handfuls of squash and everything in between!

In the process I've learned a lot about myself, broken old habits and reinvented myself as an accidental health food nut! Within this blog I hope to share some tips of the trade, some recipes and the process I went through (and am going through) to be a healthier person. Seven months later I am primarily a vegetarian (out of convenience more than taste or ethics), running and/or walking between 40-60 miles a week and have dropped more weight than I care to admit. I'm feeling better than I have since college and the stomach aches and IBS symptoms are long gone!

I intend to share my journey within this blog, I invite comments and followers. Would love to hear your recipes and tips for this "Hitchhikers" guide to Gluten Free.

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